Castle Siege and Defense

One team must push the battering ram to the castle gate and smash it open in order to win.  The defending team may not push the cart in either direction.


Capture the Flag

Each team has a flag in their base which the opposing team must capture one to three times in order to win.


Relic Theft

In this game the defenders have one to three precious relics to defend.  The attackers must capture one or all three of these to win.


Kill the King

The attackers attempt to kill the king while the defenders must protect him.  The king must be hit five times before he is defeated.


Territory Control

This game has three areas that the attacking team must capture in order to win.  The defenders must protect the final area before time runs out.  To capture an area, the attackers must hold a designated capture point for thirty seconds while keeping enemies out of the capture area.  Capture areas are denoted by a painted circle on the ground around them.


Team Deathmatch

Each team has a certain number of lives and whichever team loses all of their lives loses the match.


Prisoner Rescue

One player plays the role of the prisoner.  The prisoner’s team must reach his cell and open it to set him free.  When his cell is opened he can use his weapon and must make it to the escape area without dying.  The prisoner must be hit three times to be defeated.


Last Team Standing

Each player has one life per round.  Whoever defeats all of the players on the opposing team wins the round.  The first team to win five rounds is the winner of the game.


1 vs 1 Duels

Two players face each other one on one.  The first to win five rounds is the winner of the duel.


2 vs 2 Duels

Similar to a duel but with two teams of two.  The first team to win five rounds is the winner.



Combat Rules


These are the rules that anyone who plays in our games must abide by.  A referee will go over each rule with players before play begins.


  • The head, groin, forearms, knees, ankles, feet, and hands are not valid targets.  If you get hit in these areas it does not count.  If someone intentionally attacks the hands, groin, or head they will be penalized and have to sit out.


  • Do not swing or thrust with all of your strength.  If you are bringing your swing all the way behind you to attack and putting your body into it, you are swinging too hard.  If you are intentionally attacking with too much force or trying to hurt people you will be removed from the match.  This goes doubly for those who are much smaller than you.


  • When you get hit in a legal area you must call out “hit” to let your opponent and those around you know you are out.  Legal areas for a hit are the torso, thighs, and arms above the elbow.


  • Opponents may not initiate physical contact with each other with any part of their body or any object other than the intended attack part of their weapon.  This means no running into or tackling other players and no hitting or kicking.  If a player falls down, combat with that player must stop until they are back on their feet.


  • Players may say “out” and return to spawn even if they are not hit.  This may be the best option in certain circumstances such as being overwhelmed by a more skilled opponent or surrounded by several opponents.


  • Players may not remove their protective masks during active play.  If someone removes their mask they may not be attacked.  If a referee sees someone removing their mask during play they will be asked once to put it back on and if they need help with anything.  If they remove it a second time the referee will call them “dead” as if defeated by another player and they must return to the spawn area.  If it continues they will be asked to sit out for the rest of the game or longer as is appropriate.